Benchmark Value



Benchmark Value

Users of banks involved who engaged in Foreign exchange market deals at the relevant point of reference rate disclosed to be affected by activity may have claims, where the estate is established as well as can be shown to be financially detrimental to the customer. Both daily reference rates are definite by the median rate of dealings in a 60 second window either side of 4pm as well as 1. 15pm correlatively and are broadly used like costing criteria and location rates for another transactions. The FCA and CFTC have found that merchants at a lot of banks shared secret customer order info and trade positions, altered commerce positions to furnish banks" collective tempts, and agreed on trading strategies to attempt to manage precise Foreign exchange market reference point rates. This included manipulating fix rates to trigger customer 'stop loss" orders for the banks" benefit; for example, where a bank commerces currency to the client under the designed give up loss order at a higher level than this had been able to earn that currency, generating a benefit for the bank (as well as potentially financial waste for the consumer). Approval to view and finish on the point of reference orders can be limited to exclusively the mentioned above explainable individuals, and not included as part of the bank' s regular flow.

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