Value Of - Commission



Value Of - Commission

National Futures Association appreciates the chance to comment on the Commission's proposed rules as to the rule of off - exchange retail foreign currency exchange transactions. NFA applauds the Commission fee for proffering these rules, which will both provide important protections to market consumers and bring greater regulatory assurance to the trade FX industry. Below NFA addresses several of the more important aspects of the Commission's proposed rulemaking in districts associated to security contributions, trade practical activities, and the mandated register requirements. The Commission suggests that retail foreign exchange dealers as well as clear futures fee merchants acting like Forex market counterparties gain as well as crutch security deposits identical to ten percent of the illusory value of each Forex deal ends with a trade buyer. (" Penson'), fellow of FINRA as well as SIPC. For many years, NFA vindicated that humans presenting Forex accounts, leading Forex accounts, or operating pools enterprise foreign exchange market should have to register with the Commission fee.

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